Running on Empty

Hey There – Sean Hoskins from Accelerating Success with my new blog series I am titling Running on Empty.  This will be a 6 part series covering how our performance and fulfillment in life is impacted by a number of factors including our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health.  Today will be an introduction on what’s to come as we do a deeper dive on each subject over the coming weeks.

The question I pose is, ‘How many of you feel just absolutely drained’?  You feel like you keep giving more and more only to get further behind leaving you in a constant state of exhaustion both mentally and physically.  You feel like you are running on empty.  Unfortunately this is not uncommon and is typically more prevalent as people move up the ladder where they are facing greater expectations and challenges.  If this is you, then you are going to want to follow this blog series and get the tools you need to fill your tank, become much more productive, and live a more satisfying life.

In our next session, we will start with filling your Physical tank.  Our energy level is directly related to our diet, exercise, and sleep habits.  Unless we get that right, all of the other areas are only going to provide limited growth.

Next we will focus on our mental health.  Ever hear the phrase Garbage in Garbage out?  We need to pay closer attention to what we are allowing in that impacts how we think and behave.  This segment will create an awareness and provide the tools to be more mindful of our mental growth.

We will also evaluate our emotional health.  One of the most important indicators of happiness and true joy is our support group of friends and family.  In this blog, we will take an honest look at the quality of our peer group as well as how emotionally connected we are to others and how we can improve on those relationships for greater success and fulfillment.

Finally, we will turn our attention to our Spiritual Journey and time for reflection.  Taking down time to refuel your tank, give back to others, and spend time with your family and church community is critical to the refueling process and getting you reenergized for the week ahead.

We will wrap up the blog series with a summary of these critical elements to full life performance and fulfillment and leave you with an action plan to ensure we move the needle from Empty to Full.

It’s time to stop the madness.  Many of you have been running on empty for far too long and today is the start of a new journey to make better choices, create better habits, and establish better routines to radically improve your life, achieve greater success, and be much more fulfilled.
I hope this was helpful.  Send me a note if this connected with you and let me know you will be tuning in and are ready for change. 

This is Sean Hoskins from Accelerating Success reminding you to Start today down the path of greater success.

Sean Hoskins

Sean Hoskins

Sean Hoskins has spent over twenty years coaching, mentoring and leading teams and is ready to work with you and your team to optimize performance.

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