Accelerating Time Management

Do you ever feel like you need more hours in the day to keep up with the increasing workload?  The answer lies not in working more but working smarter.  We all have the same amount of time per day, week, month, and year but some people seem to get more done with the same amount of time as others.  You too can accomplish much more in less time by using the tools provided in this class.

In this training module, ‘Accelerating Time Management’, I focus on providing individuals and teams with the following tools:

  •  Awareness of your current productivity level
  •  Tools for better time management and goal setting
  •  Keys to effective empowerment and delegation

This training module will cover the following sessions

Lesson One – The Foundation of Time Management

This lesson focuses on laying the foundation for time management.  In this chapter we will address the key elements to understanding what personal productivity is and why it is important.

  • Why is personal productivity important
  • Evaluating current personal productivity
  • Fundamentals to improve personal productivity
  • Essential skills for success

Lesson Two – Setting and Achieving Goals

In our second lesson, we focus on setting both personal and professional goals and objectives and how to track progress and stay motivated to ensure success.

  • Balancing personal and professional goals
  • Establishing SMART goals
  • Keeping yourself motivated
  • Tracking your progress

Lesson Three – Time Management and Prioritization

This lesson focuses on getting the most out of your day by working in an organized environment and minimizing interruptions so you can focus on the task at hand. 

  • Handling interruptions
  • Organizing your work area
  • Tracking time and tasks
  • Recognizing and avoiding perfectionism
  • Conquering procrastination

Lesson Four – Empowerment and Delegation

Lesson four is critical for your individual success and the success of your team.  In this lesson we focus on the art of successful delegation and follow up.  You need to be focused on High Payoff Activities to ensure you are prioritizing your work based on your skill level and growing your team through delegation.

  • Effective delegation and communication
  • Effective follow up
  • Owning the delegation
  • Developing team members

Lesson Five – Productive Meetings

Meetings are an important part of a company’s success but can be an enormous waste of people’s valuable time with no productive output if handled incorrectly.  Conversely, meetings can be a tremendous use of time and a source of a successful strategic direction if managed properly.  This lesson will provide you with the tools for effective preparation, meeting time, and follow up.

  • Preparing the meeting notice
  • Who to invite to a meeting
  • Making expectations known
  • Respecting meeting times
  • Meeting minutes and actions

Lesson Six – Transforming Team Productivity

Finally, we evaluate taking your team to the next level through clear roles and responsibilities and effective delegation of the right tasks to grow the individuals and team as a whole.

  • Clear and frequent communication
  • Developing team members
  • Matching skill sets to tasks
  • Lessons learned and celebrating success

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