Accelerating Team Dynamics

Have you ever been part of a team that had great energy and enthusiasm.  The kind of team that you couldn’t wait to get back to and be a part of.  This training module provides teams with the fundamentals and intangibles to create that type of hyper charged environment that leads to outstanding results and peak performance.  Having built and led teams most of my career, we focus not only on the theory but the practical day to day challenges that teams face and how to over come them for greater success and more satisfying results.

This training module will cover the following sessions

Lesson One – The Foundation of Team Dynamics

This lesson focuses on laying the foundation for Team Dynamics.  In this chapter we will evaluate the variables the affect Team Dynamics and the impact it has on the team’s performance.

  • What is team dynamics
  • Models of team dynamics
  • Impact on team performance
  • Strategies to improve team dynamics

Lesson Two – Team Communication Styles

In our second lesson, we focus on recognizing individual styles and learning to style flex in our daily communication for better results.

  • Types of personality styles
  • Awareness of your personal style
  • Style flexing
  • Motivation factors

Lesson Three – Team Communication Skills

In order to take your communication skills to the next level for optimum performance, it is required to dive deeper into ways to be more proactive in your efforts to develop trust and confidence in your relationships that will generate better results.  Here we also evaluate ways to communicate with the end result in mind that will lead to win-win scenarios.

  • Developing trust
  • Gaining rapport
  • Outcome thinking
  • Questioning for specifics

Lesson Four – Emotional Intelligence

High Emotional Intelligence is one of the most critical skillsets linked to top performance.  Thus, teams with high Emotional Intelligence are likely to produce better results than their counterparts.  In this chapter we look at elements of Emotional Intelligence and how to raise the team’s collective Emotional Intelligence. 

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • Elements of emotional intelligence
  • Why is emotional intelligence important
  • How to raise your emotional intelligence

Lesson Five – Positive Intelligence

Having discussed and understood Emotional Intelligence, we turn our attention to Positive Intelligence which is understanding that there are two very different parts of our brain and understanding which is in greater control of our actions.  In this chapter, we evaluate the Saboteur and Sage parts of our brains and how to ensure we as individuals and teams are activating our Sage Brain for better results and performance.

  • What is positive intelligence
  • Elements of positive intelligence
  • How to improve your positive intelligence
  • How to raise the team’s positive intelligence

Lesson Six – Characteristics of Highly Effective Teams

Finally, we wrap up this training module with key characteristics of Highly Effective Teams and how we can ensure greater success by focusing on these areas.  We will evaluate keys like sharing common goals, focusing on win-win outcomes, and working collaboratively.   

  • Share common goals
  • Communicate proactively
  • Practice mutual respect
  • Work collaboratively
  • Focus on win-win outcomes

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