Accelerating International Communication

"Doing Business with Americans"

Have you ever found yourself confused by the communication exchange with your American counterparts?  Have you ever been surprised by the response you received to your message that clearly indicates a communication breakdown.  Or, have you ever felt uneasy or even offended by your American counterpart?  All of these feelings are normal and not uncommon or unexpected due to the cultural differences that exist.  

In this training module, ‘Accelerating International Communication – Doing Business with Americans’, I focus on providing International companies and their team members with the following tools:

  •  Education on American business culture and thought process
  •  Preparation for doing business with American companies and their employees
  •  Tools for success to capture more business

This training module will cover the following sessions

Lesson One – The Foundation of Effective Communication

This lesson focuses on laying the foundation for effective communication.  In this chapter we will address the key elements to effective communication and the barriers that exist that can derail that process.

  • The communication process
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Features of effective communication Skills
  • Attitudes for improved communication

Lesson Two – Understanding US Business Culture

In our second lesson, we start with a general understanding of the American way of thinking in business and typical customs in our day to day dealings.

  • American corporate culture
  • Meetings and greetings
  • Communication style
  • Negotiation

Lesson Three – Meeting Preparation

Whether you are meeting your US counterpart in person or preparing for a conference call or webex, it is important to have an understanding of what your US counterpart will be expecting. By now, we have talked about the American obsession with time and our tendencies to be direct.  Thus, this chapter will help you to better prepare an agenda that will resonate with your audience.

  • Be informed, focused and confident
  • Be clear and concise
  • Be positive
  • Be results oriented
  • Have an agenda and stick to it

Lesson Four – Meeting Success

With your material now prepared, it is important to focus on securing a positive outcome from your meeting. Thus, we take the opportunity to talk about time management, message delivery, and how you can expect Americans to respond so that you are prepared to address the concerns.

  • Time management
  • Material content
  • Message delivery
  • Meeting formality
  • Entertainment

Lesson Five – Differences in Cultures

In Lesson Five, we get very specific with differences between our two business cultures.  The purpose of this session is to highlight important aspects to business that we treat differently so that you first expect the behavior and second can style flex for better results.  This session will provide you with specific areas that you can capitalize on from a business perspective just by understanding American tendencies.

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Speed of business
  • Decision making
  • Negotiations

Lesson Six – Summary for Success

We wrap up our training module with a Summary for Success that recaps the salient points covered throughout the previous five sessions to ensure clear understanding and my final top tips for success as an at a glance reminder on how you can make your next encounter with your US counterpart more successful.

  • Summary for Success


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