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Peak Performance Training

Gain valuable tools to eliminate common challenges while improving growth to optimize leadership and overall team performance. Learn More

Executive Coaching

Accelerating Success' comprehensive executive coaching program offers a unique blend of personal and professional development. Learn More

Speaking Engagements

Ignite and dynamically engage the audience during your next company, university, service club, or organizational event. Learn More

Sean Hoskins

President, Accelerating Success

With over 20 years of international sales and team leadership, Sean has real practical experience that can help you and your business excel. Sean has spent most of his career leading high performance teams through extensive coaching, training and mentoring. He has spent much of his career focused on the international market place and has been successful in navigating the cultural differences resulting in significant program wins. Sean at one point even lived overseas working in the Middle East negotiating large contracts.

Now, this experience has been transformed into his passion through his company, Accelerating Success. Sean offers high performance team training with modules that focus on both the personal and professional development of the individual and team. He takes his 20 years of experience and works with individuals looking to achieve more personally and professionally through his executive coaching services. Finally, Sean inspires and ignites people into action through his speaking engagements for full life balance and success.

Sean resides in Newbury Park, CA with his wife and three children. When not in Newbury Park, he can be found in Big Bear where he and his family spend their weekends where they are heavily involved with the Ski Team.

Sean is focused on helping others achieve a more successful and fulfilling life. Make sure to get in touch and stay in touch via LinkedIn and through his blog with helpful tools for living your best life.

Peak Performance Training

Optimizing Team Performance

If you are interested in driving your company’s performance to the next level, you will be interested in the peak performance training modules. These modules have been designed to focus on common challenges that teams and leaders face which restricts their growth and provides the needed tools to optimize performance. Each training module can be customized to specifically focus on you and your company’s unique challenges for maximum benefit. 

Accelerating Communication Excellence

Take your communication skills to the next level with our Accelerating Communication training module. Ineffective communication is one of the largest barriers to upward mobility and better team performance. In this training session, you will not only learn to overcome common barriers but the foundation to accelerate your communication to take you and your team to the next level.

View the Accelerating Communication training syllabus

Accelerating International Communication

Cultural differences can derail effective communication for overseas companies trying to grow their business with American companies. In this training module, Sean identifies primary differences between cultures and how companies should tailor their message for the most effective impact.

View the Accelerating International Communication training syllabus

Accelerating Time Management

Improve your personal productivity with our Accelerating Time Management training module. Do you ever find yourself asking where your day went? Well no more. In this course, you will learn to take control of your day and focus on those high payoff activities while developing your staff to take on even more responsibilities.

View the Accelerating Time Management training syllabus

Accelerating Team Dynamics

Having spent his entire career building and leading teams, Sean can tell you that most teams are performing no where near their full potential. This powerful training module focuses on increasing team’s emotional and positive intelligence to effectively and constructively work as a unified unit to achieve greater results.

View the Accelerating Team Dynamics training syllabus

Accelerating Team Leadership

Are you getting the most out of your team? If not, contact us about our Accelerating Team Leadership training module. This course focuses on providing you with the skillsets to lead your team towards greater achievement.

View the Accelerating Team Leadership training syllabus

Executive Coaching

Have Your Best Year Ever

The executive coaching program offers a unique blend of personal and professional development.  Sean’s three step approach provides a natural progression and sensible evolution that focuses on 1) Personal Development, 2) Professional Growth, and 3) Team Member Mentoring. This process has been designed to transform leaders so that they then have the skillsets to grow their team members towards greater success.  Here is how the process works:

Phase 1: Personal Development

In Phase 1, the focus is on gaining a clear understanding of the client’s behavioral style and natural tendencies so there is an acute awareness that allows the client and coach to create a baseline for future growth. It is imperative to know the starting point in order to assess the path forward. In this phase the client is provided valuable tools to minimize self-defeating behavior and maximize positive unbridled growth behavior. This phase is essential as a starting point in order to foster significant growth in the next two phases.

Phase 2 – Professional Growth

In Phase 2, there is a transition from personal development to professional growth in order to achieve peak performance.  In this phase, Sean takes the skillsets that were developed in Phase 1 along with the adapted behaviors to maximize positive outcomes and applies that to daily business decisions. With over 20 years of experience in international sales and marketing and leadership positions, Sean is in an unique position to work with his clients to optimize individual and team performance.

Phase 3 – Mentoring Team Members

In Phase 3, the focus is shifted from individual growth to the development of others so that they can start to perform at a higher level.  Using the lessons we have learned through the first two phases coupled with Sean's coaching toolbox, clients will learn the skillsets needed to adequately coach and mentor team members for greater success. This level of mentorship far exceeds daily tasks and focuses instead on true inner growth that creates an environment for lasting success.

Ready to transform your life and take your personal and professional development to the next level? Call today to schedule a consultation.

Speaking Engagements

Igniting audiences with inspiration and value

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker or facilitator for your next event that can provide valuable content with an entertaining twist, contact us to learn more.  With over twenty years of experience in International Sales and Marketing and building and leading high performance teams, Sean can provide valuable insight to help individuals and teams thrive.  Whether it is an upcoming meeting, event or weekend workshop, Sean can provide the value you are seeking through his years of experience and versatility.

Topic Examples

  •  Optimizing Team Performance - Why teams don’t reach their full potential
  •  Driving International Success – I feel like we are not speaking the same language
  • Leader’s Lead – But is anyone following?
  • Personal Productivity – Where did the time go?
  • Personal and Professional Balance – Feel like you are constantly falling?

Organization Examples

  •  Company Events
  •  Service Club Meetings
  •  University Classes, Events, and Workshops
  • Business Network Meetings

Contact me to learn more or inquire about booking your next event.

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